Alien zombies are the first enemies encountered in Random Heroes.


Town zombies


Town zombies are almost completely pale green, with brown legs. A line running down the middle of the zombie's face separates two, unevenly sized, white eyes from each other. Their mouth remains slightly open, revealing a red area with smaller white teeth.

Cemetary zombies


Zombies found in Chapter 3: The Cemetary have a pink body and head as well as grey, muscled arms. Their two eyes and visible fangs are white, and on the top sides of their head, they have a set of two horns. Cemetary zombies have a straight horizontal line mouth and a flat head.

Game information

Town zombies are the first enemies to be seen in Random Heroes. Both types walk back and forth on the platform they are set on. When they reach the edge or hit a wall, they turn and walk in the opposite direction. They do not have an attack or any other significant ability.

When killed by one of the heroes using any type of gun, zombies will increase the player's monetary value by a certain amount, depending on which zombie was killed. Town zombies give $20, while cemetary zombies add $50.

Health values

Town zombies

  • 9 mm pistol - 8 bullets
  • .357 revolver - 3 bullets
  • Rocket launcher - 2 bullets
  • Pulse laser - 3 bullets

Cemetary zombies

  • 9 mm pistol - ~23 bullets
  • .357 revolver - 9 bullets
  • Rocket launcher - 7 bullets

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