The squirrel king sitting on a throne.

Several animals make their appearance in different locations within Leaf Me Alone. Encountering these animals does not contribute to gameplay in any way, but serves as a decorative addition to the game.

Depending on the type of animal, the creature may be seen flying or resting on a tree or tree branch. When the leaf seedling approaches one, it may react by following it or getting out of the way. Birds, for instance, fly away from their position when the leaf seedling gets close to them while butterflies follow the seedling when it moves towards them. Other animals within Leaf Me Alone take no action when the leaf seedling is around them.


These are some of the locations where animals of Leaf Me Alone can be found.


Birds are found resting on the tops of trees and on branches. They appear both in the area around the start point and at the top of the hollowed out tree trunk. Once birds fly away from their position, they never return for the rest of the game.


Butterflies are found flying close to the ground near the starting point of the leaf seedling. They follow the leaf seedling at a close distance until it leaves their wandering area. If the butterfly reaches the leaf seedling, it will fly behind it.



A butterfly circling around the leaf seedling



The owl

The owl is found in the nighttime scene, at the top exit of the tree trunk. At the topmost branch of the tree trunk where the player collected the seed, they can create a fan and use the leaf to reach a tree branch to the farthest left. The owl will be seen sitting near the edge of the tree trunk, bobbing its head up and down.

A glitched[1] background appears behind the owl.It is similar to that of the walls in the hollowed-out tree trunk. This background behind the owl is made up of four large tiles that flash in a constant pattern, revealing parts of the night sky directly behind them.


The squirrel is only found inside the first tree trunk, resting on a throne just below the open door to the sky area.

The squirrel is also seen resting on a platform to the player's right, next to two birds.


The squirrel below the exit to the outside.


For worms from other games, see Worms.

Worms are only found inside the first tree trunk the leaf seedling can access. The worms form a hump that they flatten as they inch along the platforms they are located on. When they hit a wall or reach the end of the platform, they turn to the other direction. They have no effect on the leaf seedling.



A worm, inching along its platform


  1. Leaf Me Alone Developer comment, 5 June 2013, retrieved 2 February 2014.

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