An example of the Arcana list.

Arcana is a skill in Egg Knight that can be used during a battle.


Arcana skills can be accessed through the "Arcana" option on the map screen. This brings up the "Arcana List", which will display all the skills the player has acquired. Additional skills are unlocked by attaining higher Hero levels.


Clicking the skill's icon on the list brings up a brief description of the Arcana and its cooldown time. A green "upgrade" button can be clicked on to upgrade an Arcana, which may reduce its cooldown time or strengthen its effects. If no upgrade button appears beside a skill, it has already reached its maximum upgrade level.

Every upgrade applied to an Arcana costs one skill points, which are provided as the player gains Hero levels. To reach higher Hero levels, the player must collect Hero EXP, which typically comes from completing missions or winning a battle.


The player can choose up to three Arcana skills to use in battle. Depending on the Arcana, the ability should be clicked and dragged to a specific knight or enemy on the battlefield.

Once an Arcana is used, a dark shadow appears over the skill's icon and begins to fade downward, indicating the cooldown time. The Arcana can be used again once the cover has left the icon. Cooldown times pause when the knights or enemies are attacking each other. Additionally, all Arcana start from their cooldown period when the player first goes into battle.


Arcana Used on Function
Healing Pray Knights Heals one knight by a certain amount of HP
Faith Guard Knights Allows one knight to block a certain number of enemy attacks
Holy Bastion Knights Instantly heals all knights by a certain amount of HP

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