Archaeologists, also known as Explorers, are enemies in the game Guardian Rock.


Archaeologists are tan skinned and on their faces they have two black eyes, a red nose, a black mouth, and pink cheeks. Archaeologist wear brown shoes, light brown pants, a dark brown shirt with some white on it, and a dark brown hat with a white band going around it.

Game information

Archaeologists appear on all levels of Guardian Rock. Archaeologists will either walk back and fourth across a platform or remain stationary. When the Guardian Rock intersects the archaeologists' eye level, the archaeologist will stop in their tracks or run away with a scared look on their faces.

Archaeologists can go through cracked rocks and stop blocks which they will often pass through to get away from the Guardian Rock. Once all archaeologists are killed in a level, the padlocked blocks will open. Sometimes hazards are placed very close to archaeologists.