Balloon crabs are enemies in Ripple Dot Zero.


Balloon crabs have a tall, round outer shell that is beige with dark spots all over it. The base of the shell is paler, with some lines engraved on it. The legs of the balloon crab are visible, and are pink coloured.

Game information

Balloon crabs can be encountered in both Crater Lake areas. Similar to planes, they are found in open spaces, in the topmost areas of levels. As they hover in the air, their legs move.

When Ripple Dot Zero is far away from the balloon crabs, they will fly back and forth in a horizontal direction, generally over a platform. It is only when Ripple Dot Zero approaches them that they begin to move towards the penguin's direction at the same rate as when they did not notice him. Balloon crabs are able to travel through platforms as they follow Ripple Dot Zero, and hurt the penguin on contact. A single hit from the player's weapon kills a balloon crab instantly.

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