We have sworn allegiance to the monkey, human.

Trespass further and provoke our wrath!

-- Bangcrack to Aqua Boy at the start of the Bangcrack area

Attack: Fires bullets
Abilities: Summons a swarm of squids
Game(s): Aqua Boy

Bancrack is a boss in Aqua Boy.


Bangcrack looks like a giant squid with an eyepatch.



Bangcrack's chatbox image

Bangcrack was once Lord Karken's most trusted lieutenant.


Attack patterns


The Bangcrack attacks Aqua Boy by firing lasers from his eye.

The Bangcrack sends out two waves of pink squids, which swim to the right. He then lifts his eyepatch to reveal a yellow eye, and will fire a series of lasers at Aqua Boy similar to that of the blue jellyfish. Afterwards, he resumes the squid waves.


The player must fire at Bangcrack's yellow eye while he shoots the lasers. If Bangcrack wears his eyepatch, he cannot be attacked. While he sends out the waves of squids, the player can kill some for hearts and charge shards.


The door that Aqua Boy can proceed through after defeating Bancrack allows the player to collect the shockwave bomb. A concealed passageway below the shockwave bomb also allows the banana gun to be obtained.

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