Baseball bots are enemies in Ripple Dot Zero.


Baseball bots are predominantly grey, with some lighter tints suggesting a reflective surface. Their bodies are spherical, with a tail peeking out from behind, seen at the right angle. Attached to this tail is an antenna. Baseball bots also have an eyespot, usually coloured blue, located in the middle part of the sphere.

Game information

Baseball bots are enemies exclusive to the Oxygen Plants. They are first encountered in Oxygen Plants Area 1, and can be found in all other Oxygen Plants locations.

Baseball bots are often seen close to others of their kind. They fly in a wave-like motion, with their antennae bouncing as they fly. If Ripple Dot Zero is visible in the same screen as a baseball bot is, the baseball bot will start to follow him, going through walls and other platforms if necessary.


A baseball bot firing a bullet

A single slash from the boomerang or sword kills a baseball bot instantly, and grants the player 100 points. When dead, baseball bots have an explosion that travels downward a short distance.


There is an attacking type of baseball bot, only found in Oxygen Plants Area 2. This baseball bot has a red eye instead of blue. Unlike other baseball bots, this variation does not follow Ripple Dot Zero when encountered. Instead, it lets out a red bullet that travels downwards. It will continue to fire bullets until the player kills it or gets Ripple Dot Zero out of range. There is only one attacking baseball bot found in the entire game.

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