Blobspits are enemies that first appear in a hidden stage of Ripple Dot Zero, and more prominently in Crater Lake.


Blobspits have a dark blue coloured head with at least one grey spot on it. Their faces are light pink, and they appear to have eyespots of a slightly brighter colouration than the spots on the top of their head. They also appear to have pink appendages that stick out onto the ground.

Game information

Blobspits are sessile creatures that attack when approached. If Ripple Dot Zero draws in close to one, it will launch blobspit particles outwards at a continuous rate. These particles travel at an arc, and the particles and the enemy itself hurts the penguin on contact. Like most enemies in the game, blobspits take one strike to kill. They are first encountered in Crater Lake Area 1 and also appear in The Hydroplant.

There are two types of blobspits in the game. The simple blobspit has a single large spot on its forehead and will launch a single large particle directly away from itself. A multiblobspit has multiple smaller spots as well as a large spot all over the top of its head. When approached, it launches multiple particles from the spots seen on its head. These particles also travel in an arc and can pass through platforms and the ground.

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