Blocks are interactive objects in Perspective. They can first be seen in level 2, but are not used until level 4.


All blocks are square-shaped, but come in different colours and designs to distinguish themselves from one another. Both normal blocks and bat blocks are similar in appearance, with a circle in their centre surrounded mostly by shades of grey. Normal blocks, however, have a black circle, while bat blocks have blue.

A snake block is brown in colour, with darker shades of brown that run in horizontal lines across the block. These lines mostly run near the bottom and are broken up by a lighter shade of brown in between some of the lines.

Game information

Blocks help get the dog across large, open gaps within a level, or create steps which he can use to get out of a deep pit. The dog can jump on and off blocks as he can with any other platform. Two of the types of blocks change into enemies with a change of the dog's perspective, and this change will instantly kill him.


  • Normal blocks - Normal blocks remain in their fixed position and are not affected by the dog's perspective. They do not harm the dog, so he is able to use them as platforms, if possible.
  • Snake blocks - Snake blocks are always placed on the ground and can be pushed around by the dog. When the perspective changes, they transform into snakes.
  • Bat blocks - Bat blocks are found in midair. Their position can only be changed when the player changes the perspective, and waits for the bats it turns into to move to the position they want.

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