For blocks from other games, see Blocks.
Ability: Allows Hinds to step on them
Game(s): Planet 161

Blocks are interactive objects in Planet 161. They make their first appearance in level 1, but are not movable until level 2.


Blocks are blue coloured, with straight edges and rounded corners. Their square shapes are outlined in a lighter shade of blue than the inner part of the face, which also bears a design in the same colour as the blocks' border. The design has an upside down raindrop-shaped head similar to the head of Hinds sitting on some circular-like objects.

Game information

Blocks are stationary objects that Hinds can stand on and jump off of. They can be used as an extra step to help him reach higher elevated ground. If blocks are not presented next to gaps, they may have no particular use within a level, and are part of the player's puzzle solving process.


White blocks lining a wall

In later levels, blocks can be moved around by the playable character. To move blocks, Hinds must be equipped with a gun or grabber. When Hinds uses the gun on a block, it moves away from him, but when he uses the grabber, the block moves towards him. Both items will move blocks so long as the item is directly in line with the block when it is being used.


A stack of white blocks first appear in level 10, lining the inner walls of a narrow passageway with an explosive at the bottom. These blocks cannot be moved, unlike the blue blocks, because they are embedded in the wall. Their only function is to prevent Hinds from using the plunger on them. If Hinds uses a plunger on the wall, the fired plunger will immediately disappear.

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