Ability: Can be walked on
First level: Level 1
Game(s): Tower of Heaven

Blocks are interactive objects in Tower of Heaven.


Blocks are square shaped and have dark green outlines. They are partially light green, with shades of gold and dark green on them. A gold shadow underlays the blocks.

Game information

Blocks appear in all levels of the game. They are often found joined together in groups, and make up many of the floating platforms throughout each of the levels. Eid is able to stand and walk on blocks. He can make contact with them at any angle, except for the sides when the second law is introduced.

In later levels, single blocks an be found moving continuously either horizontally or vertically. When they hit a wall, ceiling or floor, they rebound and move in the other direction. If Eid lands on top of a normal block, he will be transported in the direction the block is currently moving in.

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