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    New infobox look

    September 18, 2013 by Random-storykeeper
    Game 2

    |awards= |levels=50 |datasaved=Characters obtained |genre=Action, RPG | |controls=Keyboard |development= |credits=Game, Code, Art, Sound FX
    Tom SchreiberMusic
    Shuhei ItabashiSpecial thanks
    Narayanyan Vaidyanathan
    Tetsua Yakishita
    Clickteam forumsVery special thanks
    Skipmore |special=Also an iOS game }} On Nitrome Wiki, do you remember the blog post I made about introducing a new style of infobox that had a collapsible component to it? Well, here is the blog post to refresh your memory.

    I had some time yesterday to fool around with this code, designing a new infobox for game templates. What you see on the right now is the result!

    There's still a few knacks to work out, and this blog post was partly made to test how the in…

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    You've probably been redirected to this blog post, looking for answers. Maybe a link on my userpage or talk page directed you here. Maybe you found it through Recent Changes or Wiki Activity. Or maybe you just stumbled upon this post out of curiosity. Either way, this post serves to answer this one question:

    Why were [insert names of game templates] deleted?

    The answer itself is simple. The articles of their components either had little to offer or were repetitive to the game article itself. In other cases, the game article itself may have not had as much information to seem "full" - for instance, games with a continuous objective such as Super Puzzle Platformer don't have a lot to offer in terms of a walkthrough as opposed to 400 Years, whe…

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