Blym is the main character of the game Blym.


Blym appears to be a green, round creature with a flat black hat that has a horizontal stripe of red. His belly is a lighter shade of green, as are his cheeks. His eyes, mouth and belly button are solid black. The size of his arms, legs and ears are tiny in comparison to the rest of his body.

Game information


While Blym was strolling along in the garden of the island he resides on, he encountered a teleporter. Curious, he decided to enter the teleporter and was transported to four different areas that the player progresses through as levels.

The teleporters eventually brought Blym back to his home island, but he noticed that his hat had gone missing during his transition from the last location he visited.


Blym is able to morph into blocks and slide them horizontally along the ground or other surfaces. To use this ability, Blym must be positioned at the top of the block so that he can "sink" in and encase the entire block. Likewise, there must be space above Blym for him to rise out of the block. With blocks, Blym is able to crush enemies and protect himself from most hazards, particularly bullets from cannons.


Upon dying from most hazards, Blym expands and lets out a squeal.


All hazards kill Blym with a single hit. Many cause him to expand, then quickly detract and fall off the screen. Enemies have their own unique behaviours when Blym comes into contact with them. In the case of electricity, Blym's x-ray is shown as a buzzing noise is heard. Whenever Blym dies, the screen automatically reloads itself to the starting point of the level the player was on when Blym died.


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