Boars are enemies in Tobe's Hookshot Escape.


A boar has brown fur and narrow, white eyes. The head and body area are the same colour. Its fur around the head area is ruffled back into three tufts. There is a single white horn also visible on one side of its nose. A snout is seen in a lighter shade of brown.

Game information

Boars appear on platforms after about a one hundred metre climb. Like pea boys, they will pace on the platforms they are located on, turning when they hit the edge. They, however, never remain still like some of the pea boys seen within the game.

To kill a boar, Tobe must jump on its head. This temporarily stuns the boar and causes it to remain still. If Tobe continues to jump on the boar's head, it will die after about four jumps. The boar flashes then flashes off the screen. No point value is given for killing a boar, though it is noted in the "Personal Records" section of the titlescreen.

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