The book of laws

The book of laws

The book of laws is an object seen in level 4 of the game Tower of Heaven. It serves as proof for the player that laws are not to be disobeyed. The rules can only be observed within the tower's walls.


The book of laws appears as a golden tablet, with an array of dots on the cover that match the outer border. It floats around in the air. It can be only seen during the fourth level.


  1. "Thou shalt not touch golden blocks" - When this law is implemented, some blocks appear gold, either permanently or for brief moments. If Eid makes contact with the gold, he also turns to gold and disintegrates. Blocks that flash gold are only safe when they are green.
  2. "Thou shalt not touch blocks or walls from the side" - All normal blocks now kill Eid if he touches them on their side. This rule also affects the green walls that are not made up by blocks. When contact is made, Eid's head will explode and his body will collapse to the floor.
  3. "Thou shalt not walk left" - When the player attempts to move Eid in their left direction, Eid's head will explode and his body will collapse to the floor. To move left, Eid has to jump, as any step on the ground to the left instantly kills him.
  4. "Thou shalt not touch living things" - Any NPC perceived as "living" becomes hazardous once this rule is added. This includes all plants and butterflies. Similar to walking left, Eid's head explodes upon contact with a living thing.
  5. "Thou shalt not check the book of laws" - The controls to review the laws are no longer functional. Previous rules need to be remembered by the player in order to survive the rest of the game.

Unused laws

An earlier level concept considered for Tower of Heaven involved using the law: "Thou mayest ascend, but shalt not fall." This rule would kill Eid if he landed on a platform that was below the platform he was previously standing on. Levels designed around this rule contained various fixed and moving platforms within the air that required the player to ascend the tower while avoiding a fall.

The law was scrapped, as it inhibited variation in additional elements for gameplay design - in particular, spikes and golden blocks.


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