(From left to right) A box in the dark and in the light
Ability: Movable
First level: Level 1
Game(s): Night Lights

Boxes are one of the first interactive objects encountered in level 1 of Night Lights.


Boxes appear square shaped with an outline that contrasts the colour of the box. This colour is a shade of blue that lightens or darkens depending on the box's position. When seen in the light, the box has a couple of disjointed shapes on the visible side.

Game information

Along with lights, boxes are seen in level 1 of the game. They rest on the ground and can be pushed by the protagonist to another location that is on the same level or below him.

Moving boxes to different locations can be for a variety of different functions. In level 1, boxes are used to hold switches in place. In later levels, however, boxes can be moved to prevent spike cannons from firing spikes directly on the protagonist.

Behaviour in light

Some boxes become invisible when exposed to light. The box can still block firing spikes, but cannot be moved unless the light can be moved away from the box. When a light beam moves out of the box's range, the box reappears in the same position it was left when the protagonist pushed it into the light.

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