The bucktooth fish is a stationary enemy in Aqua Boy.


The fish is coloured teal and is shorter than Aqua Boy. It has a small dorsal fin leaning to one side and two unevenly sized white eyes with black pupils. Both pupils face inwards, indicating that the fish is cross-eyed. The fish has a small black mouth with a single white tooth visible inside.

Game information


The bucktooth fish's location, marked on the map.

There is only one bucktooth fish seen for the entire duration of the game. It is located in an alcove in the Lost City of Pathandor, above two attacking squids. The bucktooth fish can be found near the ground, moving its fins back and forth, but staying in the same place. If Aqua Boy moves to the opposite direction it is initially facing, the fish will turn and face that same direction.

Making contact with the bucktooth fish subtracts half a heart of health from Aqua Boy. Aqua Boy, however, can kill the bucktooth fish with two large blasts of his pistol. When the bucktooth fish dies, it sometimes leaves behind a pickup, such as a heart of health or a gem that regenerates Aqua Boy's charge.

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