Attack: Shooting cannon balls
Damage: instant death
Health: 1 hit from the side
Game(s): Guardian Rock

Cannons are a hazard in the game Guardian Rock.


Cannons are cylindercle and are placed on a square rock. The cannon is partly grey with a hole coming out of its front and brown with a orange nail on the back of it. The rock the cannon is on, is light brown with a grey plate stuck onto it with a grey nail put on either one of the grey plates four corners.

Game information

Cannons are first found on level twenty nine. When the Guardian Rock passes in a cannon's firing range, the cannon will shoot a cannon ball at the Guardian Rock. Cannon balls will grant instant death if the Guardian Rock touches one and cannon balls pass through all objects except TNT and archaeologists.

Cannons can be destroyed by hitting them from the left or right side of the barrel. Though this fact wasn't revealed in the level cannons debut in, it instead was revealed on level thirty-two. When destroyed cannons grant 300 points.