Chase blocks
Chase block
Attack: slamming into the Seedling
Damage: instant death
Health: none
Game(s): Seedling

Chase blocks are hazards found in the game Seedling.


Chases blocks are square with breaks appearing on the middle of the left, right, top, and bottom sides and on the chase block's corners.

On the outside of the chase block are eight rectangles of light and dark shades of yellow that are positioned between the breaks on the chase block.The rest of the chase block is a mixture of white, blue, black, and dark blue.

Game information

Chase blocks first appear in Lacste. If the Seedling steps into the light that comes from the chase block's sides, the chase block will begin to rotate and move in the direction toward the Seedling.

The chase block will stop chasing the Seedling if he steps out of the light or the Seedling goes into a area to small for the chase block.

Touching the chase block will instantly kill the Seedling and sometimes the player will have to risk the Seedlings life to move the chase block.