Ability: Restores health
Game(s): Tobe's Hookshot Escape

Chicks are pick ups in Tobe's Hookshot Escape. The achievement "Crossing Animals" can be obtained if the player manages to rescue ten of them.


The body of the chick is egg shaped, with a narrower head area than body. This is mostly beige, with some mixes of white and shades of peach colour.

Chicks have a light brown coloured beak and wings, as well as the tuft on their heads. Their eyes are tall and rectangular, and are black coloured.

Game information

Chicks appear on several platforms, scattered throughout the game. They appear less frequently as the player advances up the cave. Periodically, they jump up a short distance from the platform they are standing on and attempt to fly with their wings before returning to their resting position.

When picked up by Tobe, a chick will replenish any health he has lost by one hit point. This is signaled by the words "HEALTH" which appear on the screen for a brief moment, as well as a sound that plays to indicate the player has collected the chick successfully. If Tobe's health is already at maximum at time of pickup, no effect occurs.

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