At rest
Blowing wind
Ability: Create a breeze
Game(s): Leaf Me Alone

Clouds are interactive objects in Leaf Me Alone.


Clouds are white coloured, with a flat bottom and arcs on top. Two of these arcs are considerably larger in size than the one near the bottom, on the other side of the clouds' face. Each cloud has a pair of eyes and a mouth, which are coloured grey.

When the cloud is at rest, both eyes and mouth are square-shaped, the mouth being the larger square between the eyes. When the cloud creates a breeze, its eyes become two opposite angles, with the corners facing towards the mouth. Its mouth also closes to become a square smaller than when it is at rest.

Game information

Clouds are only found in the sky area at the top of the hollowed-out tree trunk the leaf seedling must climb. Cloud platforms are also next to most of them. Every five seconds, clouds simultaneously blow wind in the direction they face. Like fans, the leaf seedling is only affected by their breeze when it deploys its leaf parachute, which allows it to move in the direction the breeze is blowing. When the leaf seedling is next to a cloud without using its parachute, no effect takes place.

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