Crab crawlers are enemies that make recurring appearances throughout Ripple Dot Zero.


Crab crawlers have a dome-shaped shell that is black with a yellow stripe on the sides and a white rim lining the bottom of the shell. In between these stripes are three pink round eyes. Pink legs are seen sticking out near the front of the shell.

Game information

Crab crawlers appear in almost every level of Ripple Dot Zero and can be found on platforms or on the ground. With their pink legs, they pace back and forth on the surface, turning when they reach the edge of a platform or hit a wall. They continue in this motion until they are destroyed. This is done with one hit of any weapon that can be found within the game.

If the penguin crosses into a path with a crab crawler, a heart of health will be lost. The hit also causes the penguin to bounce in an upwards direction, putting it at risk for coming into contact with other enemies that may be above.



A crawling crab capable of flying spots Ripple Dot Zero.

A few variations of the crab crawlers can be seen in the Crater Lake areas.

  • Crab crawlers with a green stripe move much faster than the ones with an orange stripe.
  • Spiked crab crawlers have multiple spikes protruding from their shells. They take two hits to kill. On the first strike, these crab crawlers are pushed back and will fall off platforms if it reaches the end of one.
  • Some crab crawlers may start to fly towards Ripple Dot Zero when approached. They only take one hit to kill, and are similar in behaviour to the flying crabs found in the Terrarium, only they start out crawling as opposed to the flying crabs, who are always seen flying.


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