Crabs are enemies in Aqua Boy.


Crabs are orange-coloured with black eyes. Their claws extend into the air and have a speck of yellow on them. Their four feet are thinner than the appendages attached to their claws.

Game information

Throughout the game, crabs are found in many areas, walking along walls, the ceiling or the ground. When they reach the end of their path, they turn and walk the other way. They continue this action for the duration of their appearance.

If Aqua Boy comes close to a crab, it will attack him by firing a bullet towards Aqua Boy's direction. This bullet will deduct half a heart in Normal Mode, and a full heart in Hard. While the crab fires a bullet, it will continue to move in the same direction it was initially travelling in. Crabs, like all other enemies, can be killed with several hits of Aqua Boy's pistol.

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