Crying starfish are enemies in the Crater Lake areas of Ripple Dot Zero.


Crying starfish are tan coloured with brown stripes. They have five legs that branch out into two parts, and one leg that remains a single strand. There is a light blue circle with a black dot in the middle resembling an eye.

Game information

Crying starfish are only found in Crater Lake Area 1. They are fixed to the walls of large platforms and are often positioned over other platforms that Ripple Dot Zero can stand on. When Ripple Dot Zero approaches a crying starfish or stands directly underneath one, it will let a black droplet fall from its eye to the ground every second. The drop disappears on contact with the ground.

If the drop hits Ripple Dot Zero or Ripple Dot Zero makes contact with a crying starfish, a heart of health is lost. A single slash attack made by the penguin will kill a crying starfish if landed successfully.

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