Dark Suit
Ability: Deals damage to enemies, allows swimming in lava
Game(s): Seedling

The Dark Suit is an enhancement item in Seedling.


The Dark Suit is brown coloured, with a round top for the seedling's head, and a smaller portion at the bottom for the seedling's body. It is also surrounded by a brighter outline in-game.

Game information

The Dark Suit is the second item to be collected in Bosiniad, and is necessary for fighting the King of Fire with. To obtain the Dark Suit, the player must guide the seedling through narrow passageways over lava. In a secluded area, surrounded by some walls, is the Dark Suit. The seedling wears it immediately once picked up.

Wearing the Dark Suit allows the seedling to deal damage to enemies by hitting them. It also protects him from the effects of tongue traps, which, previously, would kill him without the Dark Suit. Required for Bosiniad, the Dark Suit gives the young seedling the ability to swim in lava without getting hurt. This not only is needed to access the hole leading to the King of Fire (which in turn, provides an exit out of Bosiniad), but also for reaching Ghethis, as its access requires the seedling to swim through a pool of lava.