Dark sword
Dark sword
Ability: hurting enemies and destroying rocks
Game(s): Seedling

Dark sword is a weapon found in the game Seedling.


The dark swords hilt is a white block that has a black rectangle placed on its sides. next to the hilt is a section of the blade that is partly black with green blocks around it. The rest of the blade has a white outline and is black inside.

Game information

The dark sword is given by the Witch after the Seedling retrieves the Wand from Lacste and talks to the Witch. The dark sword acts the same as the first sword except it does double the damage the first sword does. For example: brown mushrooms need three hits from the first sword to destroy them so with the dark sword only two hits are need to kill them.

Like the previous sword, the dark sword can destroy certain rocks and it can make the player dash forward if the key the dark sword is assigned to is tapped twice while the player moves the Seedling with the arrow keys. Once the dark sword has been collected, any sword the player has will be taken from the inventory and replaced with the dark sword.

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