Destructible rocks
Ability: Blocks passageways
Game(s): Seedling

Destructible rocks are interactive objects in Seedling.


Destructible rocks are a brown colour and have the basic form of a square with rough edges. The rock itself has cracks on it, running in jagged black lines.

Game information

At the start of the game, destructible rocks are seen in front of the Oracle's house and blocking the pathway leading to the forested part of the village. The young seedling alone cannot pass through a destructible rock. To pass one, he must break it with a weapon. Usually, this is the sword found in the Nest of the Owl, which is necessary to break the rocks leading to the Oracle's house as well as leading to the other locations within the game. Once destructible rocks are broken, they disappear from the screen and never return to their original positions, unless the player starts a new game.

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