The dog is the main character of Perspective.


The dog has tan fur with a beige belly. Some of this beige fur reaches up to his head. The inner part of his ears is also beige and the two ears form dome-like shapes on top of his head. His snout and eyes are the same shade of brown. When his mouth is open, some red can be seen.

Game information

Throughout the game, the dog narrates each level. At the start, he shows the player how to play Perspective. As the game progresses, he tells the player what his master says as well as some of his thoughts when overcoming obstacles within the levels.

The dog is vulnerable to any hazard and enemy and is sent back to the start of level if he makes contact with either of them. With the ability to change perspective, however, he can make some enemies become blocks and spikes coins that he can jump onto or collect.

Relationship with master

The dog is trying to reach his master at the end of each level. He follows his master's commands, such as following her through doors. When his master found him, he was abandoned on the side of the road.

At the end of the game, the dog turns out to be the master's son because of her change in perspective.

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