Ability: Allows access to the final room
Game(s): Leaf Me Alone

The door is an interactive object in Leaf Me Alone.



The leaf seedling stands next to the door as it lights up.

Grey in colour, the door is roughly four times the height of the leaf seedling and has various engravings on it in a darker shade of grey. In the middle column, there are three lightly engraved squares. The side rails of the door, made up of two long, thin rectangles, have smaller squares engraved at the top and bottom of each of these thin rectangles. At the top, a leaf illustration is seen between two square spiral shapes with lines that meet each other.

Game information

The leaf seedling starts the game next to the door, but it is locked. To open the door, the player must first collect all three gems that are located around the vast area the player can explore with the leaf seedling. For every gem collected, the door lights up one of its squares to indicate the player's current quota.

When the leaf seedling stands next to the door with all three gems collected, the three square will light up, and the door slides open in an upwards direction. The leaf seedling can then stand in front of the door and enter with the up arrow key.

The door leads to a room with blue birds and squirrels resting on some platforms. By placing fans on the ground, the leaf seedling can reach these platforms and view the message at the very top of the room: "Now I can be alone." This signals the ending of the game, and when the leaf seedling exits, it is transported back to its start point, where the player can play the game again from the start.

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