Ability: Blocks certain pathways
Game(s): Planet 161

Doors are interactive objects that make their first appearance in level 8 of Planet 161.


Doors are rectangle shaped and have vertical lines with different shades of red running down them. A silver rectangle on top of the door extends, in width, over the width of the door. The bottom part of the rectangle also sticks out in a downwards direction so that it covers part of the door.

Game information

First seen in level 8, doors can be found in or just outside passageways within the level that are the same height as the door. Doors prevent access to certain items, or the wormhole. When Hinds tries to pass through a door, it will not allow him access. To open the door, the player must find the key card, which may be on a ledge or a far distance away from the door.

Once Hinds collects the key card, he will be able to pass through the door. Upon doing so with the key card, the red part of the door will disappear, clearing the path. The door remains open for the rest of the level, unless the player restarts.

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