Facing the Dragon
Attack: Fireballs
Abilities: Blowing wind
Health: 15 hits
First level: 50
Game(s): Slayin

The Dragon is the final boss encountered in Slayin.


The dragon is red coloured with a beige underbelly. It also has beige horns that curve inwards towards its body, as well as smaller horns in between its nostrils. Large scales appear to go down its back, with smaller ones around the legs. Three talons are visible on the one foot seen in the game. Only half of the dragon's body is seen on screen.


The dragon's main attack is deploying fireballs, either horizontally or vertically. Fireballs harm the Knight, Wizard or Knave on contact.



The dragon shoots horizontal fireballs at the armoured Knight.

Horizontal fireballs go straight from the dragon's mouth and float across to the other side of the screen. It may fire these at different rates and differing heights at random, but the fireballs, once fired, will not change their height.

Faster fireballs lessen the amount of ground the main character can step on without getting hurt. Fireballs that travel along the ground must be jumped over.



The Knight dodges fireballs that fall on the ground.

In some instances, the dragon will fire straight up to the sky and a white light will close in on one area of the screen. This white light is an indicator of the "safe spot" the main character must be in to avoid the raining fireballs. Briefly after the white light appears, fireballs come down, covering every area of the screen except for the area where the white light was.



The dragon blows wind at the Knight.

The dragon is weak in the head area, at the mouth. Upon hitting the dragon in its weak spot, it will fire a gust of wind that pushes the protagonist backwards, to the edge of the screen farthest away from it if the player does not move their character.

The player can hit the dragon in the mouth with any weapon at any point during the battle. If the dragon deploys a horizontal fireball attack while the player lands their hit on the dragon, there is a possibility the main character will be pushed into the fireball while going back, since the two move at the same rate. This can cause the character to take more damage.


After the dragon has been slain with fifteen hits, the player will be presented with a dragon's scale, located next to the shopkeeper. When the character picks this up, the titlescreen theme can be heard while words scroll across the screen:

You've recovered the dragon's scale. It is said to have the power to cheat death.

With the dragon slain, the people of the land rejoiced. The bards sang of your daring. But the minions of the dragon are everywhere. How long can you stand against them?


The game then proceeds to level 51, with the shopkeeper still standing.

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