Attack: touching the Seedling
Damage: 1 HP
Health: 3 hits from the sword
Game(s): Seedling

Drills are hazards found in the game Seedling.


Drills are cone shaped with a black outline. On the drill is silver and divided into sections by black horizontal lines. Some white also appears on the drill.

Game information

Drills are commonly found in caves or in open patches of ground. If the Seedling walks up to a certain area where a drill is located, a drill will quickly come out of the ground and attempt to spike the Seedling.

The drills will follow the Seedling if he moves and will start to rapidly come in and out of the ground. If the Seedling a drill with the sword, the drill will stop moving for a moment then continue. Three hits from the sword will temporarily destroy a drill for going out of the area and then back in will make the drill reappear.