The duck is the main character of Gravity Duck.


The duck is generally yellow with an orange beak. He has wings that are much smaller than the rest of his body as well as legs that are the same colour. Two blue eyes appear as pixelated dots near the top of the duck's forehead.

Game information

The duck was sent on a quest to collect forty golden eggs for an idol. To do so, the duck had to traverse through varied areas of the forest and touch the egg on the pedestal, which would transport him to the next level automatically.

After collecting all the golden eggs, the idol rewards the duck with a top hat.


The duck has the power to control gravity, given by the idol. With it, the player can change the duck's stance by pressing the X key to flip his orientation. The duck cannot flip in midair, and must be standing on the ground, ceiling or wall before being allowed to flip again. Using gravity wells, the player can also change the angle so that the duck flips onto the walls at a right angle.

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