Dwellers refer to the characters in Seedling who live in enclosed locations. The young seedling can interact and talk with these characters, which is necessary to proceed through certain areas.

Tentacled Beast dweller


The Tentacled Beast dweller is found inside the dead body of the Tentacled Beast. Once the player talks to the dweller, a teleporter will be activated inside the Tentacled Beast. Talking to the Tentacled Beast dweller is necessary to proceed through the teleporter. If the player exits the Tentacled beast and then returns into it after they have talked to the dweller, the dweller will have disappeared.

Not much is known about the tentacled beast dweller except that the Tentacled Beast was his friend and home.


  • How did you--oh no. Did you kill the Tentacled Beast? This is my home! You've ruined it! But how strong you must be to have killed the Tentacled Beast... Please, get out! Don't kill me! Woe is me, my friend is dead...

Woshad dweller


The Woshad dweller lives in Woshad. He is ready to move out of his home when he talks to the young seedling, and gives the young seedling his Spear. In a decision not to take the Spear with him, he offers it to the young seedling instead. Unlike the Tentacled Beast dweller, talking to the Woshad dweller is not necessary for retrieving the Spear.


  • Hello, stranger. It is rare that I get visitors -- my home is far from hospitable for most. Even, at points, for me. My spear has helped me through it all, though. It is an enchanted weapon, capable of more than just inflicting pain. I have decided to leave this place, but...I feel that taking this spear would not be right. Its home is in the hands of a warrior. Please, take it for me.