Enemies in Perspective move in a set formation and hurt the dog on contact. Each enemy can be changed with the perspective to become blocks that the dog can jump on to cross gaps or ground with spikes.



Snakes are mostly coloured green with a beige underbelly. They have yellow eyes that are about one pixel width. They are always seen with their head up, with the tail curling behind them.


Bats are grey in colour, with circular bodies and wings that curve on the outer part. Their eyes are red coloured pixels and their tails are a darker shade of grey than the rest of the body.

Game information

Both enemies make appearances in most levels of Perspective. Bats are introduced in level 1, and snakes in level 3. Throughout each level, both enemies move in a horizontal direction at a constant pace, turning when they hit a wall or the end of the screen. Snakes move on the ground, while bats fly in the air. Both enemies will not turn when they hit another enemy and travel right through them if two enemies of the same type are traveling in different directions.

When the X key is pressed after it becomes operational with enemies present in level 6, any present enemies on screen change to blocks that can be walked on by the dog. At the same time, however, blocks already present on screen may change into snakes and bats with a change of perspective. If a snake is changed into a block, the dog can push the snake block on the ground. This is often used to help him make jumps from lower platforms. Bat blocks, once present on screen, cannot be moved. The only way to change the position of a bat block is to change perspective until the bats are positioned differently.


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