Ability: Varies
Game(s): Planet 161

Explosives are interactive objects first seen in level 8 of Planet 161.


An explosive comes in a can, coloured dark orange. The can is rectangle shaped, with four horizontal running lines that slightly stick out past the sides of the rectangle. On the middle of the can is a white exclamation mark against a red triangle with its point sticking up.

Game information


Hinds blows up an explosive on the right.

Explosives remain stationary on the ground or on ledges. They may obstruct pathways in groups or on their own. Touching an explosive will not hurt Hinds, and he can stand on them like blocks to boost himself up to higher ledges. An explosive can also be moved using the grabber, as is the same with the blocks.

When using the gun on an explosive, however, the explosive will disappear from the screen with a white outward blast and an additional sound effect. Multiple explosives can be eliminated with a single shot of the gun if they are in contact with one another. This causes a chain reaction that causes all the explosives to blow up one after the other. The gun can permanently remove explosives from a level, unless the player chooses to restart the level.

Removing explosives is sometimes necessary for level completion, though in some cases, the elimination of an explosive may prevent Hinds from reaching a particular ledge with an item or the wormhole. Explosions will not cause damage to Hinds, even if he is caught in the midst of the blast.

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