Ability: Move the robot
Game(s): Give Up, Robot

Fans are hazardous objects first seen in level 5 of Give Up, Robot.


Fans are grey coloured and made up of four spokes. These spokes spin in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, depending on the level. The centre of the fan is light green.

Game information

Fans are situated in midair and, in later levels, are seen inside psychedelic blocks. If the robot comes in direct contact with one, the robot will explode and the player will have to restart the level. If the robot's grappling hook makes contact with the fan, however, the robot will begin to spin around in the same direction the fan's spokes are spinning. When the player lets go of the grappling key, the robot will be thrust in the air in a certain direction, depending on the robot's position. This is sometimes necessary in some levels for the player to complete them.

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