The seedling This article is about fans from Leaf Me Alone. For fans from other games, please see Fans
Ability: Blows the leaf seedling upward
Game(s): Leaf Me Alone

Fans are interactive objects in Leaf Me Alone.


Fans in Leaf Me Alone look like flat flower heads wider than the leaf seedling, and about the same height as it. The pink petals rotating around a yellow circle indicate the spokes of the fan. Each fan sits on a thick, green stem that spans almost the width of the flower head. This stem has light green roots sticking out around it.

Game information

Fans first make their appearance inside the tree stump, which the leaf seedling is required to go inside in order to collect a gem on the other side of the tree. They rest on platforms, and always remain in one place. On the spot, their spokes spin, sending a breeze of air that can thrust the leaf seedling in an upward direction.

To use a fan, the leaf seedling must be positioned over or direct in front of it. Then, jumping, it must deploy the leaf it holds, which allows the leaf seedling to be propelled up into the air. This is often used to help it reach higher platforms or ones that are a farther distance that is not reachable with jumping alone. When the leaf seedling only jumps or stands in front of a fan, no action takes place.

At the top of the tree stump, the leaf seedling will be able to obtain a seed, allowing it to place a fan where the player desires. These fans can be placed on any platform and function in the same manner as other previously existing fans.

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