The seedling This article is about fans from Tower of Heaven. For fans from other games, please see Fans
Ability: Blow Eid upward
Game(s): Tower of Heaven

Fans are stationary interactive objects that first appear on level 4 of Tower of Heaven.


Fans are made up of a base and three spokes that thrust in an upward direction. The base is made up of green and orange and a flat bottom, but curved sides. The three spikes are completely green and are seen as upright oval shapes that curve as they retract and then straighten to their full height again.

Game information

Fans make their appearance in the same level as the book of laws. They sometimes rest on blocks or in midair, blowing gusts of air in an upwards direction. When Eid is positioned over a fan, he will be thrust straight up into the air. This helps him to cross large gaps or higher platforms otherwise unreachable. If the player does not move Eid while he is over a fan, he will remain over the fan, moving in an up and down direction.

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