Fire is a type of power in Reprisal. Their symbols are marked with red when the player generates enough mana to use one of them.


All fire totems, except Armageddon and Fire Hero, send out flames that travel around the ground. Any ground the fire travels on turns red and becomes temporarily unable to built on. Any tribes caught in the flames' path die as well.


Each type of fire totem determines the amount of flames an opponent can generate.

Fire Pillar

Cost: 220

This is a large pillar of fire that works only on land. Once it contacts water, it goes out. It will immediately destroy buildings and people alike. On any section of ground it touches, it will leave that spot burnt.

Fire Storm

Cost: 350

Similar to the Lightning storm , this summons up clouds. after a few seconds the cloud will rain arrows, these arrows indicate where the fire will rain down on. These can cause massive destruction over small areas and, like the Fire Pillar, leave grown burnt.

Fire Hero



Armageddon activated.

Cost: 1000

Armageddon is collected in Island 24: The End. Unlike the other totems, Armageddon affects the entire island, tribes and any settlements. For every building each tribe has, a hero is created. At the same time, all settlements and people disappear, and most water is transformed into land. The Armageddon effect is permanent for the rest of the level, and ends once the island has been conquered. The player cannot use any other totems once Armageddon is activated.

Once the Armageddon totem is used, the newly created heroes will set out to fight any opposing tribe. Each fight ends in death for both heroes. If one tribe is at an advantage over the others, they will be given an almost guaranteed win when the totem is active.