Fire chains
Damage: 1 square of health on contact
Abilities: Fires chain
Game(s): Seedling

Fire chains are hazards in Seedling.

Physical appearance


A fire chain firing outwards

Fire chains are dark brown and square-shaped. There is a contraption that retracts the chain and shoots it out. The chain has square links that flash yellow to white when they are shot out. The colours of the fire chain light up when it thrusts out its chain.

Game information

Found mostly in Bosiniad, fire chains are often lined up in groups on areas of the ground. At near immediate intervals, they fire out their chain, then quickly retract it. If they are on lava, the chain is long enough so that it crosses into the path that the seedling is to travel. Because they are hazards, they are not affected by any weapon the seedling can use.

The force of the fire chain is strong enough to push the young seedling out onto lava, where, without the Dark Suit, causes him to lose all his health. Direct contact, however, only takes one square of health as damage and is usually the case when the young seedling makes contact with the chain but is pushed against a wall or he is wearing the Dark Suit and can swim in lava.

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