Flaming rat
Flaming rat
Damage: Instant death
Health: One hit from a falling block
Game(s): Depict1

Flaming rats are hazards in the game Depict1.


Flaming rats are surrounded by a large white glow and are predominately black as well as seen from a side profile. Flaming rats have have four legs situated at the bottom of them, a light blue eye placed on a slightly curved face located at the front, and the area on the top of its head and most of its back resembling a large flame constantly flickering.

Game information

Flaming rats first appear on level 4 of Depict1 and are often found in groups, walk back and fourth in a set area. If the protagonist touches a flaming rat, or jumps on them as the antagonist suggests to destroy them, instant death will follow. Despite being unable to be destroyed by contact from the player, flaming rats are indeed capable of being destroyed, but this only appears in one level where timing can result in a block falling and crushing them.