The fleeing person when first talked to

The fleeing person is a supporting character in Five.


The fleeing person has a face and legs, and two white beady eyes.

Game Information

In game

The fleeing person appears to be the operator of the entire world the victim is somehow taken to. When the victim enters the second room, they view the fleeing person hung from a rope[1]. The fleeing person converses with the victim that they have five minutes, which just leaves the victim confused.

Upon the victim learning how to manipulate the map, the fleeing person is gone from the noose. Throughout the game, the fleeing person will run from the victim once they enter the room. It is not possible to catch up with the fleeing person wen it is seen, except in one occasion, where the fleeing person actually runs towards the exit of the room the player enters.

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The fleeing person is present in the room the heart panel is present in, and will move at the same speed the player moves. When the player gets close enough to the heart panel, the fleeing person will jump towards it and cause it to disappear, reducing the victim's time to five seconds. This is the last that is seen of him.


Player: !
Fleeing person: :)
Player: ?
Fleeing person: (image of a clock)
Player: ?
Fleeing person: :)
First conversation between the victim and fleeing person


  • The fleeing person may be a ufamisim for death.


  1. This is in fact the fleeing person, as once the player learns how to use the room-moving map function, the noose is gone.