Ability: Functioning as a platform
First level: Level 6
Game(s): Tough Love Machine

Gears are interactive objects in the game Tough Love Machine.


Gears are grey and circular shaped with a hole in the middle and several square shaped teeth on its outside.

Game information

Gears first appear in level 6 but, unlike most later levels, are surrounded by blocks to become inaccessible. Some levels have gears filling unreachable gaps, but most other later levels have gears placed on top of platforms occasionally near other interactive objects.

When pushed by a hand, gears will move over one pace and can be further transported throughout the level, or forced off platforms to go offscreen. If another object is pushed into a gear, gears will function as a barrier and not allow that object to move farther. As gears function as a barrier, they can be used as platform extensions to allow objects to safely pass over, in the case of spikes, or increase elevation.

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