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The seedling This article is about gems from Leaf Me Alone. For gems from other games, please see Gems
The leaf seedling descending towards a gem near the ground
Ability: Unlocks the door
Game(s): Leaf Me Alone

Gems are the main pickups of Leaf Me Alone.


Gems have the appearance of a white square smaller than the leaf seedling. There is a pale glow surrounding the perimeter of the gem. This glow is circular, unlike the gem itself.


These are the locations of each of the gems. They can be collected in any order, so they are listed at random below.

Outside the tree

After the leaf is collected, the player should have the leaf seedling deploy the leaf and move to as far of the right as possible. The leaf seedling should land on top of a tree, lower in height than the previous one it was on. Using the leaf again, the leaf seedling should make it to the tree to the player's right, where the inside of the tree trunk can be entered at the top. Rather than going up, however, the leaf seedling should make its way down. A gem will be near the bottom of the tree trunk, which the player can get if they allow the leaf seedling to drift down.

Night sky

Inside the tree trunk, the player will be able to see a switch located on a high ledge unreachable by jumping alone. The seedling has to make its way to the top of the hollow tree to exit from the top and collect the seed so that it can make a fan to propel itself up. Once the switch is pressed, the locks disappear, and the player can now access the room formerly blocked off by the lock barrier. At the bottom of this nighttime location, as close to the exit as possible, the player can collect the gem. Using the leaf and fan is required to successfully land, get the gem and leave the area.

Inside the tree trunk

With the seed powerup, the player can make their way to the far left of the screen, where they will come across a ledge that was previously out of reach. Using the fan, the seedling can enter a second hollowed-out tree trunk, with multiple fans and switches on either sides of the tree trunk. The gem is located at the top platform, high above some fans.


Gems serve as the necessary keys to unlocking the door, located next to the leaf seedling at its starting point. They are scattered throughout the entire place the game is set in, and the player's goal is to help the leaf seedling find all three gems to open the door.

When a gem is collected, it immediately disappears, and an echoing sound effect is heard. The player will not be able to count the number of gems they have unless they approach the door and have the leaf seedling stand next to it.

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