For the giant robot from Agent Turnright, see Giant robot (Agent Turnright).
Giant robot
Attack: Fires bullets
First level: Planet 3: Shordeth
Game(s): Cat Astro Phi

The giant robot is a boss in Cat Astro Phi, who makes its only appearance in level 3.


The giant robot sports various shades of green, with a body that is significantly larger than its arms and legs. Its two arms are a darker shade of green than the body itself and hang down at a joint on either side. There are two visible eyes and a rounded rectangular mouth stretching the width of its body from the front. Its two legs are smaller rectangles that move up and down as the robot moves around the level.


As the spaceman boards his spaceship to leave the planet Shordeth, his ship suddenly crashes and lands him on another area of the planet with the giant robot present. The player then has to fight the giant robot in order to obtain the key card necessary to fly the ship again.


The giant robot fires yellow-green bullets in three formations. The first is a set of bullets that travel outward from the robot's current position. The second attack fires bullets in a horizontal line that move downwards. The final form fires a set of five bullets in the shape of a cross, with one bullet in the middle. All bullets from any attack disappear once they hit a wall. Contact with these bullets kills the spaceman, but starts him back at the last checkpoint passed, in front of the unlocked door leading to the boss fight area. In between attacks, the robot also talks to the spaceman.


To defeat the giant robot, the spaceman must hit it several times with his gun. As the robot fires bullets, he can take cover from them with the block in the middle of the area where the giant robot moves around in. If the spaceman dies, he restarts from the last checkpoint passed, which should be just before the opening to the fight area. Any hits landed on the giant robot remain, even if the spaceman dies.

Once the giant robot is defeated, it leaves behind a key card that the spaceman can pick up. This key card unlocks a door leading to the runway with the spaceman's spaceship, and he and Jonesy leave Shordeth.

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