Golden blocks
A set of three golden blocks
Damage: Instant death
First level: Level 3
Game(s): Tower of Heaven

Golden blocks are hazards first seen in level 3 of Tower of Heaven.


Golden blocks are square shaped, like standard blocks. They have golden outlines and undershades. The rest of the block is shown as a light green against the game's background.

Game information

Golden blocks are introduced to the game at the same time the book of laws is. The rule "Thou shalt not touch golden blocks" is the first of the laws to be added. Golden blocks can be fixed in the air, on the ground or ceiling. Some variations may also move.

Upon contact with golden blocks, Eid turns into a golden colour, freezes and disintegrates before the level starts again. Some golden blocks change colour periodically, and can only be jumped on when the block is in its standard appearance.

In level 11, when the book of laws shatters, golden blocks are replaced with skull blocks. These blocks have a different appearance, but function the same as the golden blocks do.

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