Golden egg
Ability: Advances the player to the next level
Game(s): Gravity Duck

The golden egg is the primary interactive object of Gravity Duck.


The golden egg is oval-shaped, with a wider base and a pointer tip. It is coloured a golden yellow. Every few seconds, a sparkle can be seen glinting off the surface of the egg. It rests on a brown totem, which has a flat surface.

Game information

The golden egg appears in every level of Gravity Duck as the main objective of the game. It may be present on the ground, the wall or the ceiling of a level, and only one is present on screen at a time.

To obtain an egg, the duck must be in the same orientation as the egg is. If the duck is near the egg but in a different orientation, it will not be able to collect the egg. Once the egg is collected, the player immediately advances to the next level, or, in the case of the last level, the ending of the game.

In-game use

At the start of the game, the idol sends the duck on a mission to collect forty of the golden eggs. The player collects one egg per level, playing through a total of forty levels.

At the end, the idol takes the forty eggs from the duck to use for making an omelet. The idol rewards the duck with a top hat for completing the mission.

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