Ability: Moves items towards Hinds
Game(s): Planet 161

The grabber is an item that is first seen in level 5 of Planet 161.


The grabber has a purple handle that has several segments lined up but not touching each other. The head component is a curved C shape, coloured grey. It floats over a contraption that is green in colour.

Game information


Hinds using the grabber.

The grabber is introduced to the game on its own. When used upon collecting, the handle with the grabber extends from Hinds' gun. The length of the handle can be adjusted, depending on the amount of time the player presses the X or S key. The grabber retreats back into Hinds' gun once it has extended to its maximum length.

If a block is in the path and within range of the grabber, the grabber will take hold of the block and pull it towards Hinds. This often causes the block to bounce away from Hinds slightly as the grabber returns to Hinds' gun. Retrieving blocks with the grabber is necessary when the block is positioned against a wall, making it impossible for Hinds to use the gun on the block.

The grabber can also be used to move explosives towards Hinds. These behave in the same way as blocks do, in the way that the explosive will bounce back slightly when it hits Hinds. Explosives are usually grabbed to clear a path to the wormhole, or to place multiple explosives close together so that they can initiate a chain reaction when the gun is used on them.

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