Gravity wells
Ability: Switches the direction of the duck's gravity
Game(s): Gravity Duck

Gravity wells are interactive objects in Gravity Duck. They are first introduced in level three.


A gravity well is made up of two yellow circles: one large one with a white outline, and a smaller one close to the white outlined circle. The smaller circle moves around the larger circle in a constant direction, while the larger circle remains stationary, but spins on the spot.

Game information

Gravity wells change the direction of the duck's gravity. When the duck enters a gravity well in midair, his position of gravity changes as well, allowing him to land on walls or other surfaces that may not have been possible to land on without the gravity wells. Depending on the direction of rotation of the smaller circle, gravity wells can change the duck's direction to the left or right, left if counterclockwise and right if counterclockwise.

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